Google’s Newest Core Update and First Since COVID-19

Google has just released its second core algorithm update of the year, but the first since the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Google releases many algorithm changes a year, but these are minor fixes, whereas the core algorithm update is, “a core update is a tweak or change to the main search algorithm itself.” (Search Engine Journal)

When Google rolls out the core algorithm updates they generally take about one to two weeks for the update to fully rule out.

With the pandemic, people are changing the way they are searching. They are searching more about what’s happening in their area, instead of traveling and tourist destinations. Google stated that many searches were about sheltering and resources for COVID-19 in their area. (Twitter: Google SearchLiason).

Google does not release what is included in its updates, but it is always advised to continue to focus on quality content for SEO purposes. Those that have original content, resources, and research will rank better.

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