360° Media Team Coaching

Through a combination of educational presentations, small group round table sessions, and one-on-one ride-along trainings, we help give your team the knowledge and motivation to sell digital with more confidence. Is your media team ready to take your business clients to the next level? Do you want to be able to offer businesses a 360º marketing solution that drives longer retention? We offer coaching services for your management and sales teams, tailored to your organization’s goals, product lines, and teams’ education level.

Key services can include but are not limited to:

  • Local & national competition analysis
  • Market price point thresholds
  • Product & services evaluation based on:
    • Current products
    • Return on investment analysis
    • Team dynamics
    • Compensation structure
  • Fulfillment vendor and/or inhouse fulfillment evaluation
  • Local partner evaluations
    • Chambers of Commerce
    • Networking organizations
    • Fulfillment / supplemental needs
  • Community education seminars
  • On-site training for management
    • Compensation structure
    • Team training & dynamics
  • On-site shadowing for digital & multimedia reps
  • On the road training for managers and reps
  • Training Webinars & Screen Shares
  • Ongoing support calls to:
    • Discuss team dynamics and structure
    • Discuss building relationships with print/multimedia reps
    • Discuss starting points and proposals for prospects
    • Discuss client goals and issues
    • Solve industry trends (i.e. owned & operated revenue)
    • General brainstorming
    • Keep up to date on changing technology