What is Brand, Logo, & Image Foundation?

Your Brand, Logo, & Image all need to say the same thing about what your business is, does, or provides. True Fit Marketing will create a logo that works for your business and one that you love. After the logo is created, we will then create a brand sheet for you that showcases the colors used, the fonts used, and any taglines. This helps to make sure that all of your marketing materials are on brand. Lastly, the image foundation is making sure that your brand, logo, and marketing materials are aligned with the image that is out in the world about your brand.

Why Would Your Business Need this Service?

How do you want potential customers to feel when they see your logo or hear your company name? You want them to have a positive response, make them feel they can trust you and your business. This all comes from your brand, logo, and image foundation. It’s important to make sure that your brand, logo, and image all line up with what your product or services are that you offer. If someone were to see your logo without the name of the business with it, would they recognize it immediately? Think of popular slogans you are familiar with. “I’m Lovin’ It” or “Just Do It” – most people would instantly think of McDonald’s and Nike and recognize their slogan just from those three words. This is our goal for you and what we will aim to achieve while working on your brand, logo, and image foundation.

To achieve this, your True Fit Marketing team will first work with you to figure out what your brand is. What products or services do you offer? Why should people use your product or service? What type of image do you want to portray to the public? We want to help you create an image that customers will trust. Your marketing team will also work to make sure that your brand, logo, and image will bring all the aspects of your services and products into one so that customers know exactly what you do when they are looking for services or products that they need or want.

Next, we, as your marketing team, will create a logo that will be the “face” of your brand. There is a lot that will go into the initial process, including picking out complementary colors to use in the design and also in any branded marketing piece moving forward, choosing fonts that will complement and portray your brand, and choosing what images for the logo, or if it should just consist of text. We want you to be completely happy with your logo, so we will keep working and editing it until you are completely happy with the logo. If you saw a white coffee cup with just a green logo that was a picture of a siren, wouldn’t you automatically think of Starbucks? We want to work to create this brand recognition for your brand too.
Lastly, we can help you to create business cards, flyers, and other marketing and advertising materials that will have your logo, font, and colors that represent your business. Hosting an event? We can create invites that will have all of this so your customers and potential customers will immediately recognize the branding. If you’re a newer company, this will help existing and potential customers to start to make the connection of this logo and the colors to your company.

We’re Here When You Need Us!

Without branding and a logo, it will be hard to show to customers that your business is legitimate. This will help more customers trust your brand and to recognize it immediately over time. We love helping customers with their brand, logo, and image foundation. If you’re not sure where to start and just want to talk things over, we would love to chat with you!