What is Creative & Design Services?

Creative & Design services are creating graphics, flyers, and any design piece that your business may need. We will work with your branding to match your current brand. We work with you to make sure that we know exactly what you are looking for and what your business needs.

Why Would Your Business Need Creative & Design Services?

“Good design is good business,” Thomas J. Watson Jr. once said. We couldn’t agree with him more. Whether you have marketing materials that are well designed or not so well designed, that says something about your business to potential customers that will see these materials. But we get it, you didn’t start or enter your business to have to create these materials and it could seem like an extra, tedious step. That’s where True Fit Marketing comes in. Having a design project in the workflow feels like a breath of fresh air to us.

When working on a new design and creative project, we first need to have a meeting with you (whether it’s on Zoom or in-person) to learn more about you, why you started your business, and what your business is all about (and we don’t just mean your mission statement.) We dive deep into the workings of your business and you. So many creative ideas, like potential taglines, for example, could be missed if we only scratch the surface in our discussions.

So why do we go so in-depth for design? Because we want to have a strategy for our design. We are not going to “just wing it” (although sometimes that can produce great results), we want to know where we are trying to go. We also need to know what it is you and your business want to promote with your design pieces. Are you looking to get more members, promoting a sale, or just trying to get your message out there?

After knowing all of this, we will also need a brand guide from you with what colors you use, what fonts you use, and what aesthetic your brand likes and tries to incorporate. Don’t have all of this? No worries, we can create one for you. It’s important to use the same colors and fonts to create brand recognition. Need help with branding? Check out our Brand, Logo, and Image Foundation service.

With all of this information now known to us, we can start to design for you. Using your colors and keeping your brand in mind, we will create high-quality materials. We can create mailers, yard signs, business cards, flyers, social media graphics, ads, and more. The sky’s the limit – and, yes, we can design billboards and banners too!

Once we have a design that we think is ready, we will send it to you. From here, we want to know your honest opinions. Don’t like one of the icons we used? We want to know. We want these to be perfect for you. We will explain why we chose certain items as part of the campaign that we are creating for you. We will take your suggestions and tweak the design with your thoughts in mind. Did you have an epiphany in your sleep of what you think the perfect tagline could be? Send us a message (maybe not in the middle of the night, though) and we can work to incorporate this and any other ideas. Together we will find the perfect marketing materials for you and your business.

We’re Here When You Need Us!

Looking for new graphics, flyers, business cards, or other materials to freshen up your arsenal of marketing materials? We would love to see what you are looking for and to craft the perfect design piece for you.