Geofencing, Google Maps & Waze Advertising

What Is Geofencing And Why Would A Business Need This Service?

Geofencing is often confused with geographic targeting, which is just another layer of targeted digital marketing. Geofencing is a campaign that triggers an action when a person enters into a virtually defined area during the set perimeters of variables, such as date, time, etc. For example, if a coffee shop is looking to offer a morning treat specifically to those who work nearby, they could use a geofencing campaign to set the days (workdays), times (4am-7am) and only target those driving or walking into their set geographic perimeter (for this case we will say .5 miles around their shop location), to allow people to start seeing deals as they are browsing the internet, checking the email, or checking social media. Geofencing allows businesses to take advantage of real-time needs and control the message. 


What Is Google Map Advertising And Why Would A Business Need This Service?

Google Map advertising is another form of advertising based on a geographic location. This capability can be turned on by connecting your Google My Business listing to your Google Ads campaigns, allowing you to have ads right in the maps section of search that correspond with your other Google Ads. Along with Google Maps being used on a desktop device for directions, the App has over 1 billion downloads, and on the app, you can bid for the single placement for the advertising slot that appears over the organic results. Organic results are also important so please also see information on our Local SEO section with more information on the Google My Business Listing.  


What Is Waze Advertising And Why Would A Business Need This Service?

Waze Advertising is also owned by Google. There are three types of ad options within the Waze platform. They are Branded Pins, Promoted Search, and Zero-Speed takeovers, that are part of an advanced Waze ad program. Each of these programs offers different capabilities, but all are driven by either your current location or your destination. 


The Branded Pins from Waze are like little reminders that if someone is driving nearby, it gives them the opportunity to learn more about you and what you have to offer. Promoted Search from Waze helps you come up higher in search as people are searching for a service or business type similar to yours. And Zero-Speed Takeovers give drivers an ad in real-time as they stop at a stop sign, stop light or business, giving them the option to drive to your location which is nearby or on the way. All of these options from Waze can give you the advantage of working with an advertising platform like Google, while people are driving and have a real-time need for your business. 

We’re Here When You Need Us!

No matter your marketing and advertising goals, you will likely be using some sort of geographic targeting, geofencing, or extensions like those in a Google Ads campaign. If you need help with geofencing, Google Map advertising, or would like to explore Waze Advertising, reach out to us today. We would love to help create a custom marketing and advertising strategy that gives you an extended reach with your digital advertising campaigns.

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