What is Video Advertising?

Tell your story with a professionally planned & edited video. With video advertising, reach potential customers when they watch or search for videos online – and only pay when they show interest by watching your video. We can target specific demographics and create your video ads to be geared towards those demographics. Your videos will be seen on YouTube, OTT/CTV.

Why Would Your Business Need Video Advertising?

True Fit Marketing can make sure that your videos get seen to the right audience. Need help filming and editing the videos too? Check out our Video Production and Editing service to see how we can help.

We can have your videos shown on YouTube, OTT, or CTV. The most popular YouTube video options are 15 to 30-second ad videos that play before someone watches the video they selected on YouTube. On YouTube, viewers can choose to skip the ads after five seconds of watching the video with the skip ad button. The pay per view budget will only be used if the video is watched in its entirety. With YouTube video advertisements, you can target based on locations, such as cities, zip codes, and a set radius from your business’s addresses.

Demographic information can also be used to target to make sure you’re only getting people who would be interested in your product or service. Demographic information to be specified is age, gender, and parental status. OTT advertising is Over the Top, where ads will be shown on devices that are connected to the internet, including TVs, web, and mobile. These ads will be 30 seconds in length. Like YouTube advertising, you can target locations the same. You can also target demographics the same and can also target work/education and financial demographics. The audience options can be certain channels, interests, behaviors, and political leanings. The budget is set for OTT advertisements based on cost per view.

CTV is short for connected TV. These are apps that stream over the internet such as Hulu. Their requirements for ads and setting the audience’s location, demographics, and interests are the same as OTT advertising.
With OTT and CTV advertising, you can retarget those who have seen or clicked on your ads across platforms connected to the internet. Retargeting users helps to keep your message and your brand front of mind to your potential audiences.

With these newer video advertising platforms, you can reach more customers that are more likely to want to see what your business has to say. With these more precise targeting options you can know that your videos aren’t being just shown to anyone. With YouTube advertising and the option to skip ads and not be charged until it’s watched in its entirety or clicked on, this will take your budget even farther to audiences who are really interested.

Video advertising also helps you to show your product or service and explain it in a more dynamic way compared to a static photo.

We’re Here When You Need Us!

Take your advertising to the next level and get your message in front of the perfect audience with video advertising on YouTube, OTT, and CTV. Imagine your video being seen on these platforms and see how True Fit Marketing can take your advertising to the next level.