The Newest Social Media Craze – What is Clubhouse?

We know what you are thinking. Another social media platform! Are you saying that with excitement or negativity? Anotherrrrr – yay! Anotherrrrrr- uhg!

Clubhouse is different from the other social media platforms that are out there currently. Our team believes that right now, it is extraordinarily rich in content (audio) from industry experts, leaders, business owners, and professionals. It seems big name artists, celebrities and athletes are also on the platform, but we are not sure if names are currently verified (think of that blue checkmark!) It has the feel of an educational tool and a place to learn from others without Googling or picking up a book. Almost like a round table discussion, but virtually. So what is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse Overview

Clubhouse is a live audio app (right now only available for iPhone or iPad users – March 2021). It’s like a never-ending conference that you don’t have to pay to attend and you can listen from anywhere, including the comfort of your own home! The app has a podcast feel to it, except you can chime in and potentially speak during the discussion (if the moderator allows).

Here’s the kicker – or the bonus: Nothing is recording. There’s no chat feature, no videos, no way to upload files, just plain old audio. There is a real sense of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) if you don’t join a room when a speaker is on (AKA – when a conference is happening).

TIP: Recording and transcribing conversations in Clubhouse rooms without every participant’s permission is strictly against the platform’s Terms of Use. The work around is that you can start a room (conference) for the purpose of obtaining information or content by adding your intentions to the room’s public title and description. Then you can use a room to ask questions, interview other members, or gain insight for whatever you need and can then use that information however you wish. We do recommend giving credit where and when credit is due.

Clubhouse Rooms

Clubhouse rooms are where all of the magic happens on the app. The content (the audio) is within the rooms. This is where you host a discussion, listen to people speak, see who else is in the room and chime in when allowed. You literally can listen to people live from all over the world. This is your chance to actually talk to your favorite author, the company CEO, or the marketing director from a Fortune 500 company. Just some examples.

You can add your friends into the rooms you are currently in if you think the discussion is something they would be interested in too. When you search for your friends, the people that have your phone number in their phones are the friends on the app that are going to show up first (creepy or not?).

Creating your own room starts your own conference. You are the host! Open rooms are for anyone, social rooms are only for people within your network, and closed rooms are only for people you follow (but you can change the setting when you start the room).

TIP – The name of a room can’t be edited after it has started. Choose the name wisely!

You can ask people to come up to the stage from the audience so you can work with others to add more content to the room. So really you could plan to start a room and have your business partners join in and speak! When users raise their hands, that means they would like to speak. There is a mute and unmute feature as well.

Clubhouse Clubs

This made our team think back to high school when there were after school clubs that you could be a part of. Clubhouse Clubs are groups that you can join and follow create a better experience and are tailored to your specific interests. Sports clubs, acting clubs, food clubs, the list goes on. Search for whatever you are interested in to see what comes up! The possibilities are already endless.

TIP: Creating a Club is simple, but you may have to wait for it to launch. Clubhouse has been taking special care to review Clubs before they launch.

Clubs have three types of users within them: founder/administrator, member and follower. In order to create a Club (in which you will be considered the founder), you must have already hosted a room at least three times. So don’t expect to be able to create a Club right off the bat when you join. It seems Clubhouse is really looking for users who are going to be engaging with the app and using it to its fullest potential.

You can start taking part in a Club once you’re a Club founder or member. You can create public or private rooms within your Club similar to how you can start a global room on Clubhouse. The difference between Clubs and general rooms is that Clubs will make it easier to find similar themed discussions. It is a place where people with similar interests will go to search for content. If you are a part of the Food Club (just an off the wall example), you may find a room within the Club that is specifically talking about types of cheese. Yum!

How Can Clubhouse Benefit You?

The True Fit Marketing team sees Clubhouse having a myriad of benefits depending on what you are looking for. If you are looking to gain a following because you have information you want to share, then you have the opportunity to be a host of your own “show” and garner that following. If you are researching something, wanting to learn more about a topic, or just have a general interest in a subject matter, you can listen to people speak about it in Clubhouse. And if you have questions during the conversation, you might have the opportunity to ask it right then and there. No emailing and hoping for a reply. Instant gratification!

It is also a big player in the networking realm. You have the ability to create connections within the app by following others. You can click on anyone’s bio in the rooms so make sure your own bio is rich in content. Share your resume, accomplishments, interests, and what opportunities you are looking for. Don’t be shy. This is where you have the chance to brag and shine! Keywords within your bio will help connect you with other like-minded users. An example keyword you could use is “business owner” and Clubhouse will show you other users with business owner in their bio. Follow only people that you are genuinely interested in because Clubhouse uses an algorithm that displays content (rooms) to you depending on who you follow.

TIP: The first three lines are the most important words in your Clubhouse bio. Make that text count because it is what people will see first. Additionally, make sure your photo is clear. The only clickable links on your profile are your Twitter and Instagram profile links but you can post other links in the bio.

The focus of Clubhouse feels like more of a professional conversation platform rather than a production platform. There is a LinkedIn vibe when using it. And sure, you can plan out what you are going to say, but it is still just audio. But it does make us think back to War of the Worlds type of content. Even though it is just audio, that doesn’t mean someone can’t play their guitar or have the waves from the ocean crashing in the background.

Clubhouse is giving you the ability to make connections with people all over the world, for free! If you are an industry expert, people will look to you for information, thus potentially reaching out for your services/products, etc. in the future. If you are looking for a job, you can connect with the big wigs of whatever business you are interested in and get your name out there. Remember to always be professional and courteous.

How Can I Get Invited?

Right now (March 2021), Clubhouse is an invite only platform. If you have invitations to give out, I’ve read that you will get more invitations when you share them and are more active on the platform. So don’t be afraid to invite people. Don’t worry if you can’t find an invitation. Download the app and set up your account. Someone who knows you might be notified in-app automatically and grant you access.

TIP: True Fit Marketing has invitations available to give to potential users. Please contact our team if you would like to try out this new platform and need an invite. Remember, this is currently only an iPhone app (as of this blog March 2021).

Is Clubhouse Here to Stay?

The chatter about Clubhouse being a big social media player is out there. It is already exploding and has only been around for a short period of time. It is also unique in that it is audio only. But the question still hangs in the air about what will happen once the app leaves private beta (invite only) and becomes public. Will marketers bombard the app pushing their clients on you constantly? Will eCommerce brands run their pitches in a room? Will the professional value and networking possibilities fade as more people get onto the app? Will it be heavily moderated? And of course, freedom of speech comes to mind with any social platform. Will you be free to say what you want and not see backlash? And who’s to say that what people are saying on the app is 100% true and fact. The conversation possibilities seem pretty open and endless at this point.

Even if you are not sure about using it, it may be a good idea to download the app (if you can) and see if you can get an invite to reserve your name/username. We are still learning about this platform and of course will share new tips as we come across them on our Facebook and Instagram.


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