Keeping the ‘Person’ in Personalized Business Online

When doing business online, it can be hard to take off the salesperson hat and put on the networking hat. People don’t always want to be bombarded with what you can offer them. The worst thing that can happen is that your audience ignores or hides your posts online because they are always about business. It can get old having it always thrown in your face every time you hop online.

You might be thinking, “but isn’t the goal to make money?”

Let’s discuss long term relationships versus short term/quick transaction relationships online and how to handle them properly and personally.

Be Someone That Is Seen

Ever hear of the term “keyboard warrior”? It is usually used in a demeaning manner when people are
being rude online but aren’t like that in person. When it comes to business, you can be a keyboard
warrior too and not even know it. It doesn’t have to be the mean kind though. Don’t just sit at home or
the office and only connect with people through your keyboard. Meet with people in public and TALK to
them with your voice. Be the person that isn’t just seen online but offline, too.

Use Technology But Also Go Old School

It’s perfectly fine to use technology to your advantage, but it’s important to step out from behind the
screen and conduct business too. Try using technology to only set up a time to meet in person. If they
can’t meet in person, start with scheduling a phone conversation. Think of it as dating your potential
client. Maybe a phone call is what they are comfortable with first. That’s okay, just chat on the phone
and then try to set up a face to face meeting. Once you are face to face, open up a bit more about your
business, but let them be heard first.

How to Be Personal During All Business

As a salesperson, it can be tough to not sell your business. The best thing you can do is to listen to your
potential client. Make a conscious note in your mind to listen to what they are saying. Keep your lips
sealed until they are ready to hear your solution. Nod your head to let them know you hear them. Be
engaged with your body language. You may want to jump in during their time of talking to say
something, but it’s best to wait for them to get everything out.

If you have a solution to provide at the end of their discussion, do it. Sometimes a quick response isn’t
always the right answer. Let the person know you understand what they are saying, and you’d like to
think more about ideas/solutions that are best for them. This gives you another window of opportunity
to communicate, but this time with your sales hat on!

Take Off the Sales Hat Every Now and Then

After you offer the sale, there are still opportunities to stay personal without selling. Email them articles
and blogs that are relevant to your conversation or something that reminds you of them. Tag them in
content on social media that they can relate to. Sometimes it might have nothing to do with your
business or making the sale, but that’s ok. The relationship you build is much more important!

Once you gain that in-person experience with someone, don’t lose it to move on to your next business
transaction. Sometimes clients become friends that you want to go have a coffee with and not conduct
business. It is wonderful for you to get to know your clients personally and vice versa.

Practice Makes Perfect

Make the time to connect with your clients and potential clients on a personal level. Some people aim
for three minutes a day and however many people they can reach in that time is great! We prefer 15
minutes a week during a scheduled in-office day so you have the time to concentrate on it. If you don’t
have the time that day but see something your client would like, save it and send it later. You’ll make a
habit out of these tactics and you’ll start making more meaningful relationships both for business and in
your personal life.

Want More Social Media Networking Tips?

Our goal is to help you feel more confident in your marketing efforts. Contact us if you have any
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