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True Fit Marketing® is a full-service marketing advocacy firm powered by technology and grounded with foundational marketing. Our promise is to support you, your business, and your team, along with helping you feel more confident in your marketing efforts. When it comes to exceptional marketing companies, Pittsburgh trusts us for proven results.

We want to save you from the stress of not knowing where your marketing dollars are going and what your advertising is actually doing for you. With fully transparent reporting and consistent evaluation meetings, we want to be held accountable for helping your business succeed. In essence, we’ll serve as your collaborator, championing the best qualities of your business and amplifying them through strategic marketing and digital space acquisition. Whether you’re seeking local Pittsburgh graphic design, or envision strengthening your online footprint, True Fit Marketing offers the support and consistency you need to achieve your goals.

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It is Team Meeting Tuesday! Look at those smiling faces! We have a lot going on with clients and are happy to report that we heard wonderful feedback from two of them that was shared with the team. We love to hear feedback, so please share your stories with us of how our services have helped you and/or your business. ...

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September is right around the corner. Check out these 5 topic ideas for your social media post from Practical Ecommerce. ...

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#Monday #Punday A little girl said: “I know how to spell ‘banana’…”

“… I just don’t know when to stop.” 🍌 🍌

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Sometimes it is hard to think of something to write about. Here are 5 helpful ways to get content for any social channel. ...

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#Monday #Punday Where do T-rexes shop?
At dino stores.😜

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Stress less. #MarketingIsFun for us. That is why we do the work that we do. Our job is to alleviate stress from our clients so they can concentrate on the work they think is fun. ...

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#Monday #Punday I’m great friends with 25 letters of the alphabet. I don’t know Y. ...

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The True Fit Marketing team is happy to introduce Gina Lynn as our newest guru! Gina comes from both a non-profit and small business background. Melissa and Arlea have known Gina for close to decade - maybe even longer! To start, she is joining us to help with Website Project Management and will also help with various accounts. Welcome to the team!! ...

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True Fit Marketing Named one of the 17 Best Pittsburgh SEO Agencies! 👏We are so honored to be recognized with an A+ for our hard work when it comes to SEO, because we all know SEO is hard work!


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#Monday #Punday A book just fell on my head. I only have myshelf to blame. 😆 📖 ...

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Fun fact: Scientists have found that the brain process images 60,000 times faster than text. We (as in our True Fit team, not the scientists) believe that images help to show the story, which in turn attracts more attention to the actual story itself. Take those pictures and keep on sharing the stories with your clients. They want to see what is going on too! ...

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#Monday #Punday "What did the fish say when he hit the wall? Dam." ...

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