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True Fit Marketing® is a full-service marketing advocacy firm powered by technology and grounded with foundational marketing. Our promise is to support you, your business, and your team, along with helping you feel more confident in your marketing efforts. When it comes to exceptional marketing companies, Pittsburgh trusts us for proven results.

We want to save you from the stress of not knowing where your marketing dollars are going and what your advertising is actually doing for you. With fully transparent reporting and consistent evaluation meetings, we want to be held accountable for helping your business succeed. In essence, we’ll serve as your collaborator, championing the best qualities of your business and amplifying them through strategic marketing and digital space acquisition. Whether you’re seeking local Pittsburgh graphic design, or envision strengthening your online footprint, True Fit Marketing offers the support and consistency you need to achieve your goals.

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As the #4thOfJuly holiday approaches, be sure to let your marketing team know what your hours will be and if you will have any holiday specials. Start promoting those specials ASAP because your followers are already making their plans for the day (Thursday) and the weekend!

Additional tip - Extend your special into the weekend to encourage more business!

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CAPTION THIS! A little #BehindTheScenes shot from our video shoot at the Center for Fitness and Health. ...

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In-stream video ads coming soon from LinkedIn! The company will be offering a new video ad placement through their new program called The Wire. On top of this, they are also adding in more AI capabilities. Read more about this from our #LinkInBio ...

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Be sure to give a special shout out to all the dads out there! #HappyFathersDay!! ...

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Here is a feel good Friday post! Norman, a die hard V8 fan, received a lovely gift from V8 Juice to his home. His granddaughter, Madison, wrote to the company to tell them how much he loves their products. Norman may now be one of the most trusted influencers as his video has reached over 5 million+ views! He is trustworthy and genuine. Listen to the end when he thanks those who we sometimes forget to thank! Link in bio ...

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Every second counts when performing CPR! Special thanks to @compassionatecareunlimited for teaching us such a life saving skill.

Additionally, we are so glad members from The HQ at CNX were able to attend, along with @bellamia1008, @JeffHancherEnterprises, and members of the Washington County Chamber of Commerce. There is nothing better than bringing teams together to learn a critical skill.

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In today’s digital age, social media has transformed the way consumers interact with brands and make purchasing decisions. No longer limited to traditional avenues of research, such as visiting stores, verbally talking to someone or relying solely on official product websites, potential customers now turn to social media platforms to gather information, read reviews, and make informed choices. From Facebook and Instagram to Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube, social media serves as a powerful research tool that empowers consumers in multiple ways. Let’s dive into how potential customers leverage social media for research and review reading in our new blog - #LinkInBio ...

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When we say there is no job too big for our team, we truly mean it! Big new things are in store for Dance n`At!! You`ll have to wait and see the final reveal during their upcoming recital. ...

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Heads up!! Google`s chat and call history features in Google Business Profiles are going away on July 31, 2024.

Starting July 15, customers will no longer be able to start new chat conversations with your business from Google. Customers in existing chat conversations will be notified that chat will be phased out.

Starting July 31, chat functionality in Google Business Profile will end. This means you`ll no longer receive new chat messages. You’ll no longer be able to see your business’ call history in Google Business Profile. Customers will still be able to find and contact your business via Google Search and Maps.

If you have questions about this change, you can learn more from Google at our #LinkInBio. It’s important to us that your Business Profile continues to be a helpful tool for you to manage your business.

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🏖️We brought a little bit of the beach to the Steel Studio for a Beach Lunch day! PLUS we enjoyed some fabulous beverages, made sure we are protected from the sun with our #SPF and even received some brand new apparel from Vinyl Design Company!

#TeamWork #ComeTogether #BeachLunchDay #SteelStudio #TrueFitMarketing

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We know this would`ve been a fun birthday celebration with Sam around. He always made us laugh, extended a helping hand all of the time, and had the right things to say at the right time. In fact, he probably would`ve bought his own birthday treat to bring in to share with our team because that was the kind of guy he was. Sam is surely missed everyday, but he will continue to live on through each of us here at True Fit Marketing. #HappyBirthday #HappyHeavenlyBirthday ...

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Can we count on you to yell #fudge at noon today while facing south? Sounds weird, right? It is! On this day each year, you will be doing your part to make sure Cobras do not advance and take over North America by yelling with us. Any Cobras that have already made it to North America will turn around and go home.

#RidiculousSocialMediaHolidays #CantBelieveIt #Cobras

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What is the weirdest social media holiday you have seen? Coming up this weekend is National Yell Fudge Day but it isn`t what you think it is really about because there`s more to it. Learn how you can take these "weird" social media holidays and use them to your advantage in our blog (Link in bio). You can even get a sneak peak at our take on a certain social media holiday this weekend! ...

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Our team got the #BehindTheScenes tour at @FoodHelpersPA prior to us packing some food boxes for people in Washington County. This organization does so many wonderful things to help others. If you are ready to help out by volunteering, you can just contact them - https://foodhelpers.org/volunteer/ ...

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Whoops - we missed Global Accessibility Awareness Day! But it is really Global Accessibility Day everyday with our team as we have been doing ADA compliance on websites for years and feel it is so important. Read more about this in our blog about ADA compliance in our #LinkInBio

Every accessible website counts in creating a more inclusive online world. We are proud that our websites are part of this movement. Join us in making the Internet more accessible for everyone.
#OurWebsiteCounts #accessiBe

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Today, we pause to remember and honor the brave men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. Memorial Day is a time to reflect on their courage, dedication, and the profound impact they have had on our nation`s history.

Thank you to all who have served and to those who continue to serve. We owe you our deepest gratitude. 🙏🏼❤️

#MemorialDay #HonorAndRemember #ThankYouForYourService

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