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True Fit Marketing® is a full-service marketing advocacy firm powered by technology and grounded with foundational marketing. Our promise is to support you, your business, and your team, along with helping you feel more confident in your marketing efforts. When it comes to exceptional marketing companies, Pittsburgh trusts us for proven results.

We want to save you from the stress of not knowing where your marketing dollars are going and what your advertising is actually doing for you. With fully transparent reporting and consistent evaluation meetings, we want to be held accountable for helping your business succeed. In essence, we’ll serve as your collaborator, championing the best qualities of your business and amplifying them through strategic marketing and digital space acquisition. Whether you’re seeking local Pittsburgh graphic design, or envision strengthening your online footprint, True Fit Marketing offers the support and consistency you need to achieve your goals.

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What is Snapchat ADVERTISING? It is paid advertising on Snapchat that shows in the news feed of users as they swipe through content on this social network. Great option if your client's audience is using this platform. Think of anyone looking to target the 13-24 year old audience.

You are able to set the swipe up to link to a website, have them watch a longer video, read an article, or install an app. There are minimal requirements:

💢No connection Needed or Snapchat Account
💢Video or Image
💢 9:16 aspect ratio
💢Image Size - 1080x1920
💢Click Through URL Ads must link to a website or App.

Message us to discuss other things with Snapchat advertising like pricing, budget, impressions and views.

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Promoting events on social media is a great way to find an audience that is interested in whatever the event may be. Using Facebook events, countdown stickers on Instagram stories, photos and videos from a previous events, and tagging partners can help to build the buzz. What is your favorite strategy for getting word out about an event? ...

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☀️On this first day of summer, here is a #MarketingTip! Take the time to do a cleanse of your online presence, whether it is for a business or on your personal presence. Spruce text up, update where necessary, add some new photos, and just do an overall business/personal brand evaluation. It is good to do this every now and again to make sure everything is still on par. ...

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#Monday #Punday -"When does a joke become a dad joke? When it becomes apparent." Hope this weekend was a great #FathersDay! ...

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Last week, we had the wonderful opportunity to hear Chef Claudy M. Pierre of the The EAT Initiative and partner of The Mentorship Academy speak about the history of #Juneteenth in the most informative and interesting way. Take a listen and learn about this important time in history. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gNQXTyg0c5g ...

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What’s working on LinkedIn right now, and what should be the focus of your LinkedIn content approach? 👉 https://bit.ly/39hAAvk

via @socialmediatoday

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Meet Danielle ! You may have noticed her behind a camera with our team lately, but here is the OFFICIAL announcement of Danielle being on the True Fit team. A mom of two, Danielle is a multidisciplinary photographer. She specializes in Fine Art, Newborn, Child, Branding, and Family Portraiture in the greater Pittsburgh Area. Be sure to say hi 🤗 ...

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#Monday #Punday -"It's inappropriate to make a 'dad joke' if you're not a dad. It's a faux pa."

Prepping for #FathersDay this coming weekend!!

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According to Ratchet+Wrench, the average shop spends 1 to 4 percent of its annual revenue on marketing, uses in-house and external marketing staff; promotes the shop on social media weekly; primarily uses Facebook for its social media platform of choice; and uses Facebook advertising (over SEO, video marketing, Google AdWords, or email marketing) to promote their shop. Is your business spending about the same on marketing? Is it more or less? Let's discuss so we can help figure out what is working best and what can be improved upon. ...

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#Monday #Punday -"What's a robot's favorite snack?" "Computer chips." 🤖 But we like to watch robots dance too!! ...

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Tip: Require anyone who is on a video conference to have their camera on. Allowing everyone to see body language, facial expressions, eye contact and anything else that happens during a usual face-to-face meeting should also be happening during a video conference. Unfortunately, if the person video conferencing doesn’t want to turn their camera on, it can lead to poor communication and issues with the team morale.

Read more tips about workplace communication on our blog! #LinkInBio

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#Monday #Punday - "What do you call two monkeys that share an Amazon account?" "Prime mates."🙊🙉🙈 ...

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Exciting things are happening at the HQ™ at CNX! We are proud to be a partner in this endeavor alongside the @CNXFoundation. Learn more about it from this article from Observer-Reporter as it could be a great fit for you! https://bit.ly/38W49Td ...

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Good communication can boost teamwork and workplace productivity tenfold. Motivation and engagement is born from communication. And truthfully, communication applies to literally every industry and is used daily. From verbal communication to written communication, there are so many ways to maintain effective communication between employees, contractors, vendors, customers and so on. Take a read of our new blog which includes some good workplace communication tips and skills to have and discusses how everyone in the workplace can communicate more effectively. #LinkInBio ...

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Hey everyone!! Arlea here! We are super excited to be teasing our GOOGLE trainings today at 3 PM for the @wbn_inc Women's Conference on June 18th. Join Chris and I as we talk about the importance of Google My Business and Google Analytics (G4 and Universal) and just have some fun talking about marketing! We are always laughing! 😂 If you have any questions about the conference, you can find more info on the website here: https://wbninc.com/! See you all later this afternoon! ...

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