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True Fit Marketing® is a full-service marketing advocacy firm powered by technology and grounded with foundational marketing. Our promise is to support you, your business, and your team, along with helping you feel more confident in your marketing efforts. When it comes to exceptional marketing companies, Pittsburgh trusts us for proven results.

We want to save you from the stress of not knowing where your marketing dollars are going and what your advertising is actually doing for you. With fully transparent reporting and consistent evaluation meetings, we want to be held accountable for helping your business succeed. In essence, we’ll serve as your collaborator, championing the best qualities of your business and amplifying them through strategic marketing and digital space acquisition. Whether you’re seeking local Pittsburgh graphic design, or envision strengthening your online footprint, True Fit Marketing offers the support and consistency you need to achieve your goals.

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It is #NationalDonutDay! Our team is heading out to Peace, Love and Little Donuts, Strip District to get our sweet treat fix for the day! What is your favorite Peace, Love and Little Donut flavor? ...

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#hellojune 🌞 The month when school ends and #summer begins! This month has #flagday and #fathersday, plus
#bestfriendsday, the #firstdayofsummer and #nationaldonutday, among maybe other social media holidays! Post about #FestivalSeason, #summerholiday, #SummerVibes, #mentalhealthawareness, #endoftheschoolyear, #classof2023, #graduationparty, and #schoolsoutforsummer all month long!

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Our team was treated to chair massages by Heidi and Andrew from @SouthpointeMassageTherapy this afternoon. We highly recommend them and it is a great treat for the whole office. ...

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Visual communication is a leader in the way a business sells. It is a way for potential and current customers to engage and it is a way to strike up conversation between internal and external constituents. So why are visuals so important and how can your business benefit from kicking those up a notch? ...

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🇺🇲 #MemorialDay2023 ...

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🥁 #Monday #Punday ...

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Bet anyone can name these brands in this photo. There may be some kind of relationship with them as well. Of course this is going to differ between what your personal feelings and beliefs are, but in our new blog, we will learn about Brand Authenticity and why it is so important. #linkinbio to read! ...

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Today`s word of the day is Grizzled [ griz-uhld ] adjective: having gray or partly gray hair. gray or partly gray. ...

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Except we are the ones that fix those technical glitches 😜 #Monday #Punday ...

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Happy Anniversary to Melissa (Mig)! We are so grateful for everything you bring to our team and we wouldn`t be here without you. Here`s to many more years of success, happiness, and growth! #Thankful #TeamPlayer #Celebrate ...

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"Everywhere you look, everywhere you go
There`s a heart (There`s a heart), a hand to hold onto.
Everywhere you look, everywhere you go
There`s a place, of Somebody who needs you"

#FullHouse #WorkFamily #workfullhouse

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Does anyone still have a landline? If you have it, do you actually use it?

#Monday #Punday

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Do you know these @starwars characters? #maythe4thbewithyou #maytheforcebewithyou ...

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Read from #LinkInBio It is only through four key components that brands can have total authenticity. Let’s explore how brands can establish authenticity with their customers. You’ll notice in the examples below that there are a lot of similar message points. The components must work together to create the entire brand, making similarities crucial.

#blog #brand #brandauthenticity #branding

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It`s International Drone Day, and we wanted to take a moment to celebrate our amazing drone professional, Sam! He`s been capturing incredible aerial footage for years, and if you ever need any drone services just give us a shout - we`d be happy to help. #DroneDay #InternationalDroneDay ...

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From the quirky and unique to the laugh out loud funny, Wes Anderson films have delighted audiences for years. They offer an artful combination of humor and storytelling that has something to offer everyone. Whether you`re looking for a good chuckle or just a visually stunning experience, these movies are sure to please! Our team can relate to this on all levels 😜

#Monday #Punday

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Who has heard of Lemon8? Our social media guru, Christine, has been seeing a lot of Instagram influencers talking about it lately. Basically the app is described as if Instagram and Pinterest had a baby. Will you jump on board or skip it? Click on our #LinkInBio for details ...

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It`s gonna be MAY! 🎶 You know you sang it...don`t deny it. Anyways, here`s your May social media hashtags. There are a lot of fun hashtag days this month. Have fun with them!

#MayDay - May 1st in the UK, but still a fun hashtag for May
#HarryPotterDay - May 2
#MayThe4thBeWithYou - May 4
#StarWarsDay - May 4
#CincoDeMayo - May 5
#InternationalDroneDay - May 6
#DroneDay - May 6
#ThankATeacher - Week of May 8
#NursesDay - May 12
#MothersDay - May 14
#MemorialDay - May 29

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