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We are always asked,"Which social media is the best to use for business?" Here are some stats to help you make that decision.

Many people often focus on Meta (you know, Facebook), but YouTube stands out as the most utilized social media platform. Pew Research shows that 83% of U.S. adults use YouTube, followed by 68% on Meta, 47% on Instagram, and a range of use between 27-35% on platforms like Pinterest, TikTok, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, and Snapchat.

When you dive deeper into each platform, you should really focus on demographics. While YouTube remains popular across all age groups, LinkedIn and Facebook are favored by individuals aged 30-49 and 50-65+. Instagram, Pinterest, and X attract the most users aged 18-29 on average, although X has lower overall usage compared to other platforms.

There are many other stats you can research to help you make a good decision, but our team always suggests Meta, Instagram and Google My Business (which wasn`t even mentioned) as the top three to start with.

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🌷 Happy Mother`s Day to all the incredible moms out there! 🌷 ...

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Lifestyle marketing is a strategy that centers on linking products or services with a specific lifestyle or values that resonate with the desired customers. Rather than solely emphasizing product features or advantages, lifestyle marketing aims to establish an emotional bond with consumers by illustrating how a product integrates into their routines or mirrors their values, interests, and goals.

Is there a particular campaign that you can think of that fits into this category? Lululemon does this a lot with their campaigns. Apple is literally everywhere in lives. Name another brand!

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LinkedIn can be a goldmine of your target audience, especially when you are a B2B company. Read 15 LinkedIn Post Ideas from @SproutSocial in our bio link ...

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Julia, this day is for you! You are the glue that keeps our team together, the fire extinguisher to our fires, and the smile that brightens everyone`s day!!

Thank you for all that you do for this team! #AdminProfessionalsDay

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What is the difference between Instagram/Facebook Reels and TikToks? ...

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🎉 Let`s give a standing ovation to MJ for hitting a major milestone - her work anniversary! 🥳🌟 MJ, your dedication and hard work light up our workplace every day. Here`s to many more years of success, laughter, and memorable moments together! 🎉👏 #WorkAnniversary #Congratulations ...

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🎬 Lights, camera, action! Wondering if reels could be the secret sauce for businesses? 🤔 We are here to spill the beans because we know that reels are a powerhouse for engagement, showcasing your brand`s personality in just 15 seconds! They can be the ultimate attention-grabber, potentially boosting your reach and making a lasting impression. If you`re interested in stealing the spotlight and captivating your audience like never before, let`s work together! 🎥✨ #ReelInSuccess #BusinessBoost #EngageAndConquer ...

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In the realm of social media marketing, navigating the landscape can feel akin to orchestrating a symphony, with each post playing a unique tune for an audience that spans thousands. Each word is like a note and needs to sound like music to the ear of the reader. Unlike the more linear trajectory of an individual sales funnel, where prospects progress through distinct stages toward conversion, social media platforms present a dynamic mosaic of diverse users at various points in their journey. As such, the strategy must evolve to meet this complexity, necessitating tailored content that speaks to each stage of the sales funnel simultaneously. (Did that sound like music to you?)

Understanding the multifaceted nature of social media engagement is important for any business seeking to thrive in the digital age. With each post casting a wide net, it`s essential to recognize that your audience is not just one person but rather a spectrum of people, each with their own motivations, needs, and readiness to engage. Consequently, a one-size-fits-all approach falls short in this landscape. Instead, brands must craft a nuanced strategy that addresses the diverse interests and intents of their audience, ensuring that no opportunity for connection or conversion is overlooked.

In this era of relentless digital noise, cutting through the clutter demands precision and strategy. By aligning social media content with the distinct stages of the sales funnel—whether it`s raising awareness, nurturing interest, or driving conversion—brands can cultivate meaningful relationships with their audience while guiding them seamlessly toward action. Through strategic segmentation, personalized messaging, and timely engagement, businesses can harness the power of social media not just to reach thousands but to forge lasting connections and drive sustainable growth.

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If you had to do a jellybean taste test, would you be able to decipher the BRAND? Our team faired well with this! Give it a try next year and see how you do! @starburst @sarriscandies @jellybellycandyco @brachscandy @hersheyland @haribousa @skittles ...

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Happy birthday, Danielle! We hope that your family spoil you today because you most certainly deserve it! ...

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In this blog post, we’ll explore the enduring profitability of email marketing, address the crucial question of email frequency, and dip our toes into some of the best strategies for collecting email addresses. Click the link in our bio to read it! ...

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Our team loves a good egg hunt, especially when they have prizes inside!! Work hard, play hard at True Fit Marketing 🐰 🥚 ...

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Join us in extending heartfelt congratulations to Danielle on her work anniversary with True Fit Marketing! 🎉✨

Danielle has been an invaluable asset to our team since day one, bringing dedication, passion, and expertise to everything she does. Her unwavering commitment to excellence has not gone unnoticed. 🌟👏

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