What is Social Media Advertising?

Social Media Advertising is making sure that your posts get seen by more people than those who just follow your business’s page. With Social Media Advertising, you can get your message seen in only certain areas or by only a certain gender and much more targeting options. By having an advertising budget on social media your message will go further than organic reach.

Why Would Your Business Need Social Media Advertising?

Have you ever been scrolling through a social media site and see a post with a product that catches your eye and you think, “wow, I need this in my life.” That business has a great marketing and advertising agency that knows what their business’s target audience likes, their demographics, and their interests. True Fit Marketing can be that marketing and advertising agency for you.

Social Media Advertising is a great resource to use when marketing business. We will allocate a set amount of money for your business to boost certain content to a set target audience. We will also allocate advertising dollars to create a like campaign for Facebook to drive more traffic to your business’s Facebook page. We can create a very specific target area on social media to make your content be in front of certain age ranges, areas, and even people with specific career titles.

Facebook allows you to create a like campaign, as mentioned above, boost certain posts and events, and target specific audiences. A like campaign features a description of your business with a chosen picture that will show up on your target audience’s feed. All they have to do is click the “thumbs up” and they will then be a new like on your page, which in turn, will allow them to see your future posts, paid or unpaid. However, only 6% of organic (unpaid) posts will be shown to the people who have already liked your page. To get more of the people who have already liked your page, and people who haven’t, to see your posts, you need to boost them. Boosting posts is putting money behind a certain post on your Facebook business page that you want to reach further than your usual audience. This is helpful for promoting events or important information for your business. It’s recommended that you put at least $25 into a boosted post. When you boost your post, you can choose the target demographics of who you want to see your post.

Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, also has targeted advertising features. You can choose to have posts in the Instagram Feed or on Instagram Stories where people can swipe up to see the website, which can showcase more of your products and services.

Like Facebook and Instagram, Snapchat also allows you to target your audience by location, age, and interests. Although Snapchat is mainly used by Millennials and Gen Z, these generations have “the direct spending power” of $1 trillion (ForBusiness.Snapchat.com).

According to Pinterest, “83% of weekly US Pinners have made a purchase based on Pins from brands.” Pinterest is the perfect platform to reach potential customers when they are actively looking for ideas or new brands. Pinterest has 300 million people use their platform every day (Pinterest.com). You don’t want your business to miss out on this large audience.

LinkedIn, known for being the “Professional Social Media”, where users network and share industry news, is a great place to advertise for business to business services. LinkedIn was rated by marketers as the number one B2B lead generation. Not to mention that 4 of 5 LinkedIn Members drive decisions for their business (LinkedIn.com).

TikTok, the short video app that is taking the world by storm it seems, also has a feature to run ads and track your performance data. When users open the app, ads will appear and they will also appear as the user swipes through their pages of videos, which is referred to as the “For You Page”.

The social media you choose to advertise your business on depends on your target audience and goal of the campaign.

We’re Here When You Need Us!

We love working with businesses to determine the best vehicle, audience, message, and eye-catching visual to accompany it. In order to help measure your campaign’s success, we provide detailed and easy-to-read reporting. Contact us today to see how social advertising can fit into your advertising goals!