What Is A Google Certified 360º Business Tour?

A Google Certified 360º Business Tour gives your current and potential customers an innovative and immersive experience that can give you an edge above your competition. These tours provide lifelike examples of what somewhat can expect when they visit you without even setting foot inside your location. 


Why Would Your Business Need A Google Certified 360º Business Tour?

Choosing the right business to buy from is often a tough decision. Build credibility with a high-quality virtual tour by an award-winning Google Trusted Photographer that gives users a unique experience.

Your Virtual Reality Google Certified 360º Business Tour is attached to your Google My Business Listing but can also be embedded into your website and shared on your social media for additional exposure. Being attached to your Google My Business listing, creates a media-rich environment which is twice as likely to generate more interest in your business and 42% of the time these searches result in on-site visits. You can find this and more information here in this case study provided by Google

Straight from Google’s mouth 

Attention Business Owners: If you decide to hire a professional photographer to collect imagery of your business, please note that Google does not employ any photographers or agencies and cannot guarantee the quality of their services.

  • If a dispute arises from the collection of imagery, you will need to resolve it with the photographer or agency according to the terms of your contract with them. Google does not mediate third-party disputes.
  • While Google does not employ photographers or agencies, we do allow contributors to gain the trusted badge. The badge highlights photographers and agencies who have met our quality standards across at least fifty published 360 photos, evidencing their capture and publishing proficiency

Your Virtual Reality Google Certified 360º Business Tour being attached to your Google My Business listing is just the beginning of helping your business show up in search. Quality imagery, consistent posting, and verifying your information are all ways to help your local SEO and marketing and advertising efforts.

Your Google My Business listing is 94% more likely to be viewed as reputable, more likely to be used than businesses without a listing, and 29% more likely to motivate consumers to consider purchasing goods or services from them. This is a Google Case Study about GMB Listings

We’re Here When You Need Us!

Your Google 360º Business Tour is just part of what can be considered the foundational pieces of your marketing strategy. As always, we are here for you if you have any questions or need any help deciding which services would be right for your businesses or even which services to start with. We know there are many options out there and it can be a daunting task deciding where to start. Just let us know if we can be of any help!