Finding the Business Problems to Create Solutions

Typically, people don’t seek out help until there is a problem. No one says I need help when everything is going right! That is why when a potential client reaches out to us, we have a discovery meeting to really dig deeper into what the problem is and where it stems from. As a marketing agency, it is our job to turn marketing issues into solutions and sales. But sometimes we discover that marketing isn’t really the whole problem. Now, we aren’t magicians and can’t magically snap our fingers and everything will be fixed. But we can research and try ideas that may help to solve the problem. But how do you really figure out where the problem is stemming from? Below we will discuss some places besides marketing that we have found problems stemming from. Our team doesn’t necessarily have solutions for every problem, but we are always happy to help!

Current and Potential Customers

Looking to understand why sales may have declined? Consider seeking insights from your existing customer base, as they can provide valuable information. They are already a paying customer, they obviously like what they are buying, but they will also have ideas on how to improve it. Sometimes you will need to give something to get something, so maybe a freebie for some feedback will help! We can help with creating this for sure!


The past couple of years (2020-2022) have been really hard for businesses of all types. This year, 2023, isn’t much different but at least we are getting back to normal after the Covid-era rules. Adjusting your marketing strategy to reflect changes in the economy can be necessary at times. Do you need to do a full analysis of your marketing plan to see where you can make cuts, combine efforts or just see where we can save you some funds? 

It’s important to consider the financial situations of current and potential customers when setting prices. Offering competitive and reasonable prices can make a positive impact on their decision to purchase from your business. If you end up deciding you can make your product cost less for customers, that can be a huge marketing tactic to get those potential customers or former customers to buy into your business instead of the competition. 

Product and/or Service

Whether you have one product or service or 100, it is always important to pay attention to each one. Is it selling well or is it not selling at all? If it is not selling at all, is something wrong with the product? Is something not being explained correctly on how to use it or why the consumer needs it? Is there another misunderstanding when it comes to the product or service that your team isn’t noticing but your potential customers are? Is it time to just cut a product or service and put the effort and money into something else? Marketing can be very helpful in improving how your product or service is explained to others. Skilled in using language and visuals, marketers can effectively convey your message to your audience.

Your Team

The root of the problem might lie within the organization itself rather than being caused by external factors. If you have employees, are they working together? When was the last time you brought your departments or teams together to discuss what they need from each other? If you don’t have a team, maybe there is just too much on your plate to handle. This is when you can start to research hiring, bringing in consultants to help or outsourcing work. 

Another thing to consider is team morale if you have employees. Is your team happy? Studies have shown that when an employee feels valued, they work harder. If you have employees, are they happy with what you can offer them or is a change needed? More money isn’t always the answer. Appreciation can be shown in many other ways. These are just a couple of examples, and of course it may not work for everyone:

  • Buy lunch every now and then
  • Give an extra day off
  • Be more relaxed on start and end times
  • If possible, allow work from home days

These are just a couple of examples of what works for our team. You may have other awesome ideas that can work for your team. 


Ignoring the competition can have negative consequences for a business. It can lead to missed opportunities to improve and innovate, and ultimately lose market share. It’s important to stay aware of what competitors are doing and how they are impacting the industry. This can help businesses identify areas for improvement and develop strategies to stay competitive. By keeping an eye on the competition, businesses can stay ahead of the game and continue to grow and succeed. Competitors are competitors for a reason. They do something better than you to sell their product or service to someone who could be buying yours instead. It is your job to figure out what the difference is when it comes to purchase decision making for those people. Why did that potential customer purchase from the competitor and not you? Here are some ways you can see what the competition is doing without being sneaky about it:

  • Watch the competition on social media – what posts get good engagement?
  • Talk to your customers – ask them their feelings on competitors. Why do they choose you over them? And same for potential customers. What makes them choose product A versus B?
  • Talk to others in the business – if you work with suppliers, drivers, other businesses that also work with the competition, talk to them about the other business and see what you can learn from them. A lot of people will be open and honest with you when it comes to business conversations that don’t divulge secrets. Any and all information is useful when it comes to the competition.
  • See your competitors in action – if they have a store, go visit it. If they are going to be at an expo or conference, attend as well. Seeing them in action, in their own environment, or engaging with potential customers that could be yours instead will give you ideas of what they are doing versus your business. 

The Bottom Line

Problem solving is a process. The first plan of marketing to help solve this problem may not work. It can take time, money and a lot of combined effort to eventually solve the problem. Teams will need to work together, see their differences, and find a common ground for the betterment of the business. This could mean changes, but everyone needs to learn to be flexible. Change is hard, but so is losing business. So which would you rather have? Change or no business? 

Our job is to help with marketing, so if your current marketing isn’t working with potential customers, then maybe we can help. There really isn’t a one size fits all approach to marketing. And if there is one thing we know, it is that people have shorter attention spans now than ever before. So if your business has been around for 10+ years, and your tried and true marketing from previous years just isn’t working anymore, maybe it is time for a refresh to shorten the message. 

As always, our team is open to meeting with you to discuss whatever problems you may be having. If our marketing team can be of assistance, we will certainly bring our ideas to the table. If not, maybe we have trusted resources and outside consultants to help.