Did Somebody Say Cookie

Cookie Monster is Back on Waze for a Limited Time

We love Cookie Monster. I mean, who doesn’t love Cookie Monster right? But in light of National Cookie Day, he came to mind, so we wanted to share some pretty cool Cookie Monster related points!

#1 – According to Waze, Cookie Monster was the most downloaded voice ever offered!

#2 – Sesame Street voices were added over the summer of 2019 to celebrate the show’s 50th anniversary!

#3 – Cookie Monster’s birthday is November 2nd which is why he is back!

#4 – Cookie Monster is now back for a limited time only! ☹

#5 – He made his first appearance on TV in 1966 on Jim Henson’s The Muppet Show!

#6 – Cookie Monster was voiced by Frank Oz – who also voiced: Miss Piggie, Fonzie Bear, Animal, Bert & Ernie (from Sesame Street), Yoda (from Star Wars), and even more!

Digital advertising on Waze

Many people are really starting to notice ads popping up on Waze, especially at stop signs and stop lights.

This is Waze’s 1 minute video explaining their advertising platform:

Digital marketing is about being there when someone needs you. A gentle reminder, that reminds you about what you were thinking about doing when you lost track of time and hurried about your busy day!

If you are interested in advertising on Waze or any other advertising platform, just let us know and we are happy to evaluate your marketing goals to see what platforms make the most sense for you.