Social Media “Holidays”: Weird and Crazy but Filled with Opportunities

In the age of digital connection, social media has become the epicenter of global interaction. Birthdays, anniversaries, and major holidays have long had their place in our timelines. But in recent years, a new trend has emerged: quirky, obscure, and downright bizarre social media “holidays.” While some of these days foster fun and creativity, others are so strange that they leave us scratching our heads—or laughing out loud. Let’s talk about posting about these social media “holidays” and how they can work for your brand.

Increased Engagement

The Internet is bombarded with so much that even the most important messages can get lost. But you know that the most ridiculous and obscure posts gain the most attention. This is why social media holidays often trend across various platforms, leading to higher visibility. By participating, a business can join the conversation, potentially increasing likes, shares, comments, and overall engagement. They can also bring a human element to the conversation, hopefully making the business more relatable and approachable to clients.

Enhanced Brand Awareness

Leveraging trending topics can help a business reach a broader audience. Hashtags and keywords associated with social media holidays can make posts more discoverable to people who might not follow the brand yet. Sometimes these holidays with hashtags can be relevant to your brand. Just one example: February 18 – National Drink Wine Day, would be perfect for a wine company, a company that sells wine glasses, or even a bar and restaurant. According to, the best hashtags to use are: #NationalDrinkWineDay #DrinkWineDay #WineDay #Wine #WineLover #WineTasting #WineTime #WineFest. You can even get the backstory of how this became a holiday and other random information when you search the Internet for this social media holiday.

Content Calendar Filler

Here’s where it can get weird. There are your typical holidays to post about, many of which can be found through HeyOrca and can be shared straight to your Google calendar. Christmas, New Year’s, Halloween, President’s Day, and so on. And then there’s the social media holidays that provide ready-made content ideas that can fill gaps in your content calendar. Literally anything you can imagine is likely to be a social media holiday. And if it is not, you can submit your idea to create your own holiday!

Community Building

If there is something that brings people together, it is surely a holiday. Celebrating social media holidays can also foster a sense of community among followers. It can encourage interactions and conversations, helping to build a loyal and engaged following. If there is something that brings your community together, think about making a social media holiday for it. You can submit your idea and be the leader of this holiday!

Just Have Fun With It

Life is short. It is great to just have fun with whatever social media holiday it is. Our team here at True Fit Marketing participated in the infamous June 2nd holiday where you are supposed to face south and yell FUDGE to make sure all the Cobras that are heading to North America turn around and head back to where they were coming from. Crazy, weird, not really a holiday and obviously something completely made up or just old folklore, but regardless, it was fun for our team to create this video together and hopefully join a social media community who wish for those Cobras to leave us alone!

The Bottom Line

If the social media holiday makes sense for your brand to post about, then do it! Any way to try to enhance a business’s online presence, foster engagement, and drive various marketing goals by tapping into trending conversations and showcasing the brand’s personality and values is A-OK by us!