Why Your Business Would Benefit From Videos

Do you think that having a high-quality video about you and your business could really help? But at the same time, the thought of hearing, seeing yourself, or creating that video makes you cringe and maybe want to hide under your blankets and not come out for a while? You can push the sheets back because you’re not alone in feeling that way. This is why we offer Video Production and Editing as a service.

Using video for your business can really help your business stand out and showcase many things in one video, compared to different posts about each service and why you started your business. It also makes you front and center, and people buy people. Your customers can see your personality shine through dynamic, attention-grabbing videos compared to static pictures. You can also showcase some of your best customers and clients and have them talk about how much they love your business and why others should check it out. Seems like a win, win right?

Let’s explore a few types of videos that you could use for your business.

Showcase your product and/or services. Take a deep dive into what you offer to customers and clients and why they would need these in their life. With creative B-roll and editing, while you’re explaining them, the viewer will see them showcased and explained in depth.

What is your why? This video will be a focus on you as the business owner. You can explain why you started your business, how you got into the industry and the passion that you bring to work every day. This is a great way to catch viewers’ attention and keep them intrigued with your personal story. This video, and every video, will also use creative B-roll that will be shown over you talking with you working with a client or creating something if that’s your business.

Testimonial videos. Testimonial videos will feature a client that has dealt with your business for some time now and has an incredible experience every time. This gives your business even more credibility. Asking the client the right questions helps to really bring out what they love so much about your business and why they love working with you.

Videos of events. If you are organizing an event or attending one on behalf of your business, this is a great opportunity to showcase you outside of your physical business location and how you represent yourself. An interview with you at the event and explaining what it is and why you’re involved along with shots of what’s happening will make this video a hit.

You and your business in the local community. Most people love their local communities and love being able to support small businesses. If you’re going to be out and about in the community, this is a great time to have a video done. As stated previously, people buy people, and if they know that you’re helping out in the local community, then that’s even more of a bonus.

There are many other ways that you can showcase you and your business through videos. These videos can also be used in many places including on social media, your website, and video ads. We know that this makes many people feel stressed and that’s why we’re here to help. We will plan shot ideas, questions, and edit your videos. Since these are not live, we can use multiple takes and make your video a highlight for your business. We would love to meet with you and chat about what you do and why!