Why You Should Add Social Media Advertising to Your Marketing Strategy

Do you feel ahead of the game with your business because you’re on social media and you post a couple of times a week? This is excellent and certainly a great start! We know that there is a lot to take in when it comes to Social Media Management. We also wrote a blog about posting frequency and how to create a Facebook marketing strategy

While it’s great that you’re posting on social media, sometimes you need more for your business. When it comes to organic posts, they only reach about 6% of the people that already like your page. So, if you have 100 page likes, then only 6 of these 100 people will see these posts. What about the other 94 and what about people that don’t already like your page? With Social Media Advertising, your posts can be seen by many more people and can also be targeted to a certain demographic such as age or gender. If you’re a beauty company and mainly want to run a campaign that will reach 21-35 year old females, this is easy to do throughout social media advertising.

Depending on the demographics that you are targeting, you can advertise on Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, Tik Tok, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Certain age groups are on different platforms and you can make sure that you are putting your ads in front of the places that they are on.

Another great part about Social Media Advertising is that you can set budgets for campaigns that work for you and your business. We recommend that you spend at least $35 on a social media boost and $100 on social media ads. Anything under this does not do as much, but we find that over $35 for a social boost can be a sweet spot.

Another campaign that you can run through Social Media Advertising is a like campaign for your business. This will show your page in people’s news feed with an easy way for them to like your page when they see it. This will help you to grow your following and also grow brand recognition. Growing this audience is a long term gain that will help your business grow in the future. 

While 2020 has been a crazy year, we have learned that having great social media management and social media advertising campaigns has really helped businesses. While some businesses stopped everything that they were doing during the quarantine period, the ones who kept their posting regular has done very well even during limitations on certain businesses. But their efforts and money went far while all people had to do was scroll on their phones at home. 

Once you have social media advertisements set-up, these will drive traffic to either your website or the landing page that you selected. This is also helpful because getting customers here is sometimes the hardest part. But if you are able to get them here with social media advertisements, then chances are that they could also look around more on your site.

Lastly, you can gain a lot of great insights into your customers with social media advertisements. You can see more of their interests, ages, and more. 

Interested in social media advertising but not sure where to start? We would love to learn more about you and your business and offer guidance.